What happens when a tenant stops paying rent?

At Cairns Platinum Realty, prospective tenants are required to go through a very thorough application process to ensure the best efforts are made in selecting tenants that can afford the rent and come with excellent references. In the event they fall behind or stop payments a system is in place to ensure tenants are given every opportunity to catch up first, further measures are then if there’s failure to do so. This is all done within specific time frames that are strictly adhered to, to ensure the appropriate tenancy laws are being honored and recovery of rent and /or termination is done in a timely manner to prevent as little loss as possible

Initially, when a tenant falls behind in their rental payments they are contacted and reminded to pay rent on time and keep up to date, any miscommunication or banking problems are usually fixed here. If the rent is still unpaid within a certain time frame, a tenant is then issued with a Remedy to Breach Notice advising them how far they’re behind and requiring they rectify the problem within a specific time frame. If this is not done then a Termination Notice is issued requiring them to vacate the premises within another specific time frame and advising that failure to do so will result in further action being taken.

In the rare event that Remedy to Breach Notices or Termination Notices are ignored our property management team is very experienced, professional and direct in taking the appropriate further action. As a landlord you will always be informed and updated regarding late payments and any Notices that are served as well as any further action that has to be taken or rental payments that come in as a result of the Notices being rectified.